Doggie’s Wonderwash Services

$20.00 per thirty minutes bathing

$10.00 nail trim / $15.00 nail grind

$5.00 facial scrub (seasonal scent)

$5.00 cologne refresher

$5.00 premium shampoo upgrade

(Extra services are available on request.)

$10.00 per thirty minutes for the first month we’re open

Employee bath and brush (by size):
Small $25.00
Medium $35.00
Large $50.00
Larger or special breeds come with a $10.00 service charge
Anal glands expressed $10.00

Shed treatment (by size):
Small $15.00
Medium $20.00
Large $30.00

Note: We reserve the right to charge an additional $10.00 per thirty minutes for particularly difficult breeds or dogs.